Numéro de table humoristique / Table act Numéro de jonglerie de balles / Solo balls juggling act Numéro de main à main / Hand to hand act Numéro de jonglerie aux quilles / Passing clubs act
Quatuor Stomp is a four-man creative powerhouse that combines Circus, Variety and above all Comedy into explosive and colorful performances !
Internationally renowned for their originality and versatility, their relentless energy has been conquering thousands of people worldwide since 2008.
Presenting a unique blend of skill, humour and charming craziness, these artists bring their high-level acrobatics together in captivating performances for thrill seekers of all ages, leaving everyone touched and amazed.
From international festivals to intimate cabarets, in the street or on television, Quatuor Stomp is always a success!
“ Are you ready to have a blast with us ? ”